1) тема, предмет разговора, вопрос, сюжет

The subject is not very well dealt with in his last book. — В его последней книге этот вопрос плохо освещен.

He is off the subject. — Он говорит не на тему.

The subject drifted away into another channel. — Тема разговора незаметно перешла в другую область.

- ridiculos subject
- interesting subject
- dellicate subject
- stock subjects
- examination subjects
- thesis subject
- key subject
- off-the-record subject
- suggestive subject
- subject picture
- subject of common interest
- hackneyed subjects of polities
- subject for congratulation
- subject of praise
- safe subject for conversation
- subject of the lecture
- subject of a book
- subjects of rural life
- subject of graduate study
- pictures of sacred subjects
- all conceivable subjects of interest to students
- no restriction as to subject
- approach the subject from a practical point of view
- avoid the subject
- bar the subject
- bring up the subject in the course of conversation
- broach the subject in the course of conversation
- change the subject
- choose a subject for discussion
- classify books by subjects
- classify the subjects you are interested in
- close the subject
- consider the next subjects
- cover the whole subject
- dismiss the subject summarily
- divert the subject into another channel
- drop the subject
- express one's opinion on the subject
- find information on the subject
- get to the main subject
- handle the subject in a masterly way
- have strong views on the subject
- introduce a sore subject
- keep to the subject
- lead smb on to the subject
- open the subject
- pursue the subject further
- return to our subject
- speak on the subject
- study the subject thoroughly
- take smb too far from the subject
- treat the subject at great length
- touch upon the subject
- turn the subject over in one's mind
- view the subject from different angles
- wander from the subject
- work on this subject
- every time the subject comes up
2) проблема, вопрос

We have different opinions (strong views) on the subject. — У нас разные мнения (твердые взгляды) по этому вопросу.

He has a different approach to the subject. — У него иной подход к данной проблеме.

- serious subject
- fundamental subject
- a delicate subject
- tender
- domestic subjects
- interesting subjects
- academic subjects
- controversial subjects
- subject under consideration
- smb's approach to the subject
- break up the subject into sections
- bring the conversation round to the subject
- deal with new subjects
- develop the subject
- discuss the subject in all its aspects
- go deep into the subject
- handle the subject delicately
- illustrate the subject with appropriate quotations
- investigate the subject
- keep off the subject
- know one's subject
- narrow down one's subject to two problems
- start the subject
- state the subject
- submit up the subject to the judgement of scholars
- survey the subject
- treat the subject technically
- view the subject from a practical point of view
- weigh the subject dispassionately
3) предмет, учебная дисциплина

What subjects are you studying? — Какие вы проходите предметы?

What subjects does he teach? — Какие он преподает предметы?

I'll have to read on the subject. — Мне надо готовиться к экзамену по этому предмету.

- difficult subjects
- school subjects
- liberal arts subjects
- secondary subjects
- smb's favourite subject at school
- subject of serious study
- subject of interest for students
- be taught as a separate subject
- fail in a subject
- learn the subject with ease
- master a subject
- pass a subject
- read on the subject
- take the subject seriously
- teach a subject
4) подданный (государства, короля)
- British subject
- subject of the crown
- subject to the king
5) грам. подлежащее
- Complex Subject
- impersonal subject
- subject of the sentence
- subject precedes the predicate in a regular sentence

Большой англо-русский учебный словарь сочетаемости. . 2010.

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